The V3-BY9 Experimental Super Carrier is a MASSIVE Airship, though it is not used that much, it will only be seen when its entering Dangerous Areas or Entering a Massive War. It is not Well Armored and Not Shielded, so it will need to be protected by Other Units, However it's Arsenal is VERY powerful, It has MAC Cannons, Nuclear Bombs, and even a Super Railgun, which can tear apart pretty much anything. Though those aren't the only weapons, it also has a lot of Defensive Plasma Turrets. And the V3-BY9 is even bigger than the DRX-47 Experimental Flagship! Though the V3-BY9 is a Support Type.


Tier: Tier 8 Airship, Tier 4 Experimental

Weapons: Nuclear Bombs, MAC cannons, Super Railgun, Defensive Plasma Turrets

Defensive: Light Armor.

Heigth: 1,657 Feet, 7 Inches.

Length: 760 Feet 4 Inches.

Unit Count: 5,318

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