The V-F257 Assassin Terminator is just what you think it is, an Assassin. It looks just like the R7-CQ It also has the same Shields and Armor, but it is armed differently. It has a Combat Knife, an T-W45 Plasma Pistol (To assisnate people from long distances), and it can also make it look like an Actual Mobian or Human, making it have a perfect disguse. The V-F257 is also steathly and cannot be detected Easily.


Tier: Tier 1 Infantry

Weapons: Combat Knife, T-W45 Plasma Pistol.

Defensive: Heavy Armor, Heavy Shields.

Special: Organic Cloaking

Height: 6 Feet, 2 Inches

Unit Count: 3,136,974

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