The Solar Flare Cannon was made to mimic The Trinity Organizations Leader's (SolariusFlare) Solar Flare Card. Though its not a exact Copy of the Card, It is a Very Deadly Weapon. The Way the Weapon works is that a Satalite will Hover near the Sun (Not too close for it to burn up, and not too far.), it will Charge up a Energy Wave and send it to a Space Cannon mounted on Alitar II. When the Energy Waves reach the Cannon, the Cannon will charge up (it will take 8 Minutes to do so) a Blast of Heat, Radation, and Energy. When the Cannon Fires at it's Target, it will be VERY hard to dodge it since it can fire unexpectly and Kill the Enemy with Heat, Radation, and Energy. If the Enemy is in any aircraft or Vehicle, it will melt (most of them, anyway), killing the pilot (gunner, Passenger, Etc) in the process. This Weapon however does not have an Overcharge Mode cause Jkirk Empire 2's Leader (Joshua the Hedgehog) fears that it might burn up a Planet (or most of it). This Weapon is only used when in a Very Serious Need.


Tier: Tier 10 Weapon

Type: Heat/Energy.

Damage: 8,269

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