Hello Random Person who is currently on this page. If you're new to this Wiki, then you have to read these rules.

Chat RulesEdit

1. Do not Act like a Jerk

2. Don't say the same thing 3 times in a row, that will be counted as Spam.

3. Be Nice to everyone. (Similar to Rule #1)

4. Don't Repeatly Cuss (You can still cuss, just don't do it 5 times in a row), and don't cuss people out of the chat (Doing so will result in a kick)

5. If theres a roleplay going on, don't complain that your character died or things aren't going your way. (doing so will result in a Warning, if continued, it will result in a Kick)

6. You CANNOT kill the Leader of Jkirk Corporations on his Wiki during a Roleplay (unless you have his permission), however you can still destroy Jkirk Empire 2 Units and Structures.

7. Do not talk back to the Founder, Admins, or Chat mods. (Doing so will result 3 Warnings, then a Kick, if continued, you'll recieve a Ban)

8. Respect your Admins and Chat Mods. you don't have to like them, but you have to Respect them.

9. Do not talk shit about people (Similar to Rules #1 and #3)

Wiki RulesEdit

1. Do not Spam in Comments (Doing so will result a 1 Day Ban)

(More Rules coming soon)

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