The Reaper X1Y Airship Class is the main Airship Class for The Jkirk Empire 2. It has 10 Plasma Cannons and 5 Anti Air Cannons, Also if Hostiles Boarded, there will be Plasma Turrets protecting it. It also has a Hangar that has enough room to Hold in 3 Genesis Transports and 15 Eagle Eye Bombers. It is also Heavily Shielded and Heavily Armored.


Tier: Tier 2 Air

Weapons: 10 Plasma Cannons, 5 Anti Air (AA) Cannons

Defensive: Heavy Armor, Heavy Shields, Plasma Turrets

Special: Hangar

Heigth: 521 Feet, 2 Inches High

Length: 615 Feet, 7 Inches Wide

Unit Count: 942,625,179

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