The Commanders are Actually Admins, and Chatmods.

Leader (Founder)Edit

"I am Joshua the Hedgehog, Leader of The Jkirk Empire 2 and Jkirk Corporations"

The Leader (Joshua the Hedgehog), Is the Founder of this Wiki and is the main source of Power.

2nd in Command (Head Admin)Edit

"I am the one who is 2nd in Command, now eat some waffles"

The 2nd in Command (N/A) is the Head Admin of this wiki.

Generals (Admins)Edit

"We're the Almighty Generals, we are respected to everyone"

The Generals are Respected by Everyone on this Wiki, they're also Admins 

1. N/A

3rd In Command (Head Chat Mod)Edit

"I am the 3rd Main Leader, that is all"

The 3rd in Command (N/A) is the Head Chat Mod

Commanders (Chat Mods)Edit

"We're the Strong Commanders"

The Commanders are the Chat Mods and are also Respected like the Generals

1. N/A

Soldiers (Regular People)Edit

"We're the Backbone of this Wiki)

The Soldiers are just Normal People with no Special Stuff

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